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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Calculator is based on hundreds of hours of KOM campaign experimenting and heavy math based on known battle mechanics of the game. Basically it's just a bit more advanced version of what every good campaign player does in their head when trying to determine what troops to send on which levels.

Except now it's done automatically for you with much higher precision that previously possible.

What is this boss trick you are talking about?

Each boss has a health bar next to its might value. They also allow doing multiple attacks, each diminishing the health bar value until boss is dead or the "Reset" button on bottom is pressed.

However, what is not commonly known, is that you can actually get higher scores doing multiple specific attacks instead of single attack.

Basically, only the last attack counts for the score so you want to only leave goblins that are weakest against Stone Giants last. That typically means mounted goblins.

The real problem with this is that the battle outcome is slightly random and it's very difficult to determine how many troops to use in order to actually improve your scores. This calculator helps you with that by doing the math for you and telling how many troops to send on each attack.

Is this calculator related to Kabam somehow?

No. Calculator is created by players for players. It doesn't use any material licensed, copyrighted or created by Kabam. All it does is provide you guidance on how to play the campaign more effectively. Everything purely based on math and public knowledge of game battle mechanics and possible to do without the calculator if you know what you are doing.

What does it cost? Is it free?

Campaign calculator is now free to use

Who is this targeted to?

This calculator is targeted to all campaigners of Middle-Earth. If you are interested in campaign and want to ensure your ranking during, and outside, high score events, then this is made just for you.

If you are looking for basic numbers to use in alliance events, then I would recommend you to consult your alliance members instead.

What about "limited time campaigns"? Are they supported?

Yes, while not guaranteed, limited time campaigns are usually added to the calculator within 24 hours of their initial launch.

How can I score higher in campaign?

Campaign numbers are just part of what is needed. Your buffs, hero skills, gear and gems are what really define your campaign score. This calculator can only help you find your top scores that are possible with the buffs you have.

In order to reach top scores in your world you need to not only have maxed buffs, but also rare pieces of legendary gear and right combination of highest level gems, skills and gear pieces. Essentially this means: play and spend more.

What hero equipment should I use for highest score?

Currently you get best scores combining certain defensive legendary pieces. For example: Orcist III, Thorin's Fur III, Oakenshield III, The Peak, The One Ring III.

Harder campaign map scores are all about defense and life of your troops. Attack has an effect, but nowhere as much as life does. Due to "diminishing return" when buffs increase it's best to combine high life buff together with high attack debuff, rather than having lots of just one. This is why you score best choosing colored gems of the stat you have least.

In easier campaign levels you usually do best mixing offensive and defensive equipment pieces to create balanced setup of all 4 stats.

What troops should I use for highest score?

At the moment combination Stone Giants and Master Rangers is best way to reach highest scores. You need to use just enough Stone Giants to block enemy damage, and enough Master Rangers to kill the goblins.

How accurate are the numbers?

This is hands down the most accurate high score calculator we are aware of. Yet it's not perfect. In some cases battle outcome doesn't match calculated run exactly which can result in different scores.

In order to compensate that we use the "most likely battle outcome" to ensure that the score you see should be possible regardless of how randomity plays out in the actual battle.

This also means that in some cases you can get even better score by sending less troops. Overall we'll get you really close to your maximum high score, but if you are going for perfection it likely is possible to score higher in score by tweaking the numbers a bit further.

Can I use boss multi attack trick without this calculator?

Of course. It just requires more patience and knowledge.

  1. First you have to figure out how many stone giants are required per mounted goblin. So attack the goblin camp with ranged troops until only mounted goblins remain.

  2. Then finish them off with a full march of stone giants and see how many dies. If for example there were 50k mounted goblins left and you lost 50 giants, then you know that you need 1 giant per 1000 goblins.

  3. You get best scores when only 3 giants die (just enough goblins before death count turns into 4) in the last attack, so in case of previous example you should try to leave about 3.6*1000 = 3600 goblins alive.

  4. When you finally get boss health to the target (in this case 3600), you know that about 3-4 giants will die so you can (depending on your giant/ranger ratio) finish them off with e.g. 5 giants and 1000 rangers.

  5. If you lose more than 3 giants try to target lower boss health for better score. When you lose 3 giants you can try to increase target health in order to find your absolute maximum score on that boss.